Glucose Homeostasis (5)

Glucose Homeostasis (5)The normal values in adults at 8:00 am. are as follows: glucose—65 to 100 mg/dl; epinephrine—39 to 51 pg/ml; norepinephrine—195 to 295 pg/ml; insulin—<30 |iU/ml; cortisol—350 to 650 pmol/ml; GH—<5 ngfail; glucagon—25 to 100 pg/ml. Blood glucose and hormones were not assayed when patients received sympathomimetic drugs.
During the 4 h following surgery, episodes of shivering were recorded by a nurse unaware of the patient’s group.
Statistical Analysis
Parametric data were analyzed by two-way analysis of variance and paired t test for intragroup comparison with levels of significance adjusted to control for multiplicity (Bonferroni) and unpaired t test for intergroup comparisons. Nonparametric data were analyzed by Wilcoxons test. Differences were significant when probability was less than 0.05. The results were expressed as mean ± SD in the text and the tables and as mean ± SEM in the figures.
The groups were not significantly different for anthropometric data, preoperative treatment and type of surgery (Table 1). However, CPB and aortic clamping durations were significantly longer in group 1 because of the duration of cooling and rewarming.